Athlete Spotlight:

Crystal Lutgen and

David Hayes

June 2015



Coming at you is the 4th edition of the Miles To Go Endurance Athlete Spotlights! Every month we’re going to spotlight two of our athletes, male and female, to give everyone an idea of the type of people that make up our incredible team. This month we’ve got Crystal Lutgen and Dave Hayes. Both runners find the humor in the everyday and it was a truly hilarious interview with both! Read on to find out more about them!


Crystal Lutgen:

A little about me: My name is Crystal Lutgen, I work as a office manager for the University of Missouri. I’m married to Bill and we have two teenage daughters, Lilli and Alyssa. We’ve been married for 7 years.. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, sort of a menagerie. My dog Maverick is my running buddy. I’m extremely involved with the local running community, including the Trail Nerds.


City/State: Buckner, MO
How long you have been running: 3 years
Why did you start running: I wanted to lose weight.
Favorite road shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Favorite trail shoes: I wear my road shoes
Favorite clothing brand: Kiava petal skirt
Favorite fuel for a run: Nuun- pink lemonade, Sport Beans
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite post-race drink: Drop Kick Ale IPA
Favorite candy: Twizzlers
Favorite run song: Crazy B*tch- Buckcherry
Favorite race distance: Half marathon
Favorite quote: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, iff you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr
Favorite book: Wild- Cheryl Strayed
Favorite TV show: American Idol
Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind
Your coach: Coach Shay
Why did you join MTGE: I got to a point where a random training plan wasn’t making me any faster, stronger or better. I was getting burnt out.
Dream race/races: Rome Marathon
Next “A” race: Grandma’s Marathon
Most memorable race: Lake Perry Rocks 50k- I have never wanted to quit a race so badly and if it hadn’t been for my pacer (Shay), husband (Bill) and my running family I wouldn’t have finished. When your friends refuse to let you quit, you never forget it.
Hardest race and why: I don’t think I’ve had it yet, but I think the 40 miler this fall will challenge that.
Your biggest fan(s): My husband Bill
One piece of advice you’d give to another runner: Take the good with the bad and whatever you do, don’t quit.




David Hayes:

A little about me:  My name is David Hayes, I grew up here in Boston. I’m 48, trying to be 38. I founded and run a head-hunting company; I consider myself a hunter. I’m always chasing the next thing. I’m delightfully married to my best friend and fellow athlete Jennifer. We have a daughter, MacKenzie and a blind Boston Terrier, Mister Magoo.


City/State: Boston, MA
How long you have been running: 15 years for my health, racing for 3 years.
Why did you start running: I started running for my mental health..
Favorite road shoes: Mizuno
Favorite trail shoes: Saucony Peregrines- I haven’t run in them yet.
Favorite clothing brand: Under Armour (top) and Brooks (bottoms)
Favorite fuel for a run: Gen UCan- orange
Favorite food: chocolate chip cookies
Favorite post-race drink: water
Favorite candy: anything chocolate and peanut butter
Favorite run song: Nelly- Just a Dream
Favorite race distance: 10k
Favorite quote: “Control the uncontrollables and let go of the rest.”
Favorite book:  “Old Man and The Sea” by Hemingway
Favorite TV show: The Wire
Favorite movie: Saving Private Ryan
Your coach: Coach Ryan
Why did you join MTGE: I knew that I was a good but I wanted to be great.
Dream race/races: Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler, Western States 100 miler
Next “A” race: Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler
Most memorable race: My first marathon, Boston Marathon where I BQ’d
Hardest race and why: My hardest race was my recent Sugarloaf Marathon. I was on pace to PR and BQ, but I didn’t follow the pacing strategy I had discussed wit Ryan and the wheels came off the bus around mile 20. It was hard mostly because I made avoidable mistakes and I was cranky with myself afterwards..
Your biggest fan(s): My wife, Jennifer
One piece of advice you’d give to another runner: Treat each race as a learning experience, spend time after thinking about lessons learned. It makes losing easier to swallow.
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