Who we are

The three of us have coached runners to hundreds of races and personal records! Please feel free to email any of us directly with questions about a specific topic or about coaching opportunities!

Ryan Knapp
Founder/Head Coach

Email: ryan@milestogoendurance.com
Phone: 716-998-1711

I founded Miles to Go Endurance under the simple mantra We Work Harder. Not only do our athletes work hard, but our coaches work hard as well!   

I have the simple obsession of becoming one of the best trail/mountain/ultra running coaches in the world. 

Empowering athletes of all levels and ages to unleash their physical talent and potential, I am passionate about challenging each individual athlete’s spirit, mind and body.

Along with coaching, I am deeply inspired by and interested in the obsessive culture and relentless lifestyle the endurance community inspires within themselves and others.

When I am not coaching, I’m out running in the mountains (and sometimes roads), looking for my next big adventure.

I am also the Head Coach for Comfort Zone Camps Grief Relief team, Head Coach for Race Across USA and I’ve been featured in Runners World, Triathlon Magazine, Training Peaks as well as in Greatist’s 5k Training Guide, How to Run Your Best 5k.

I am lucky to be able to pursue this life of coaching thanks to Jess, my incredibly patient and loving partner-in-crime. We live in Boston, Mass with Mollie, the Border Collie, and our cat, Rosie.

Glenn McDaniel

Email: glenn@milestogoendurance.com

I am a father of 2, manager of a specialty running store, and a certified running coach.  I study and work to apply the training principles that will help you reach your full potential as a runner, or to help you attain peak physical fitness.

I understand the demands of family and work, and will create your training program around those challenges. My knowledge of training principles, footwear and running mechanics will give you confidence going into your first 5k, or any goal race you’ve chosen.

By helping you find your strengths, we will bring out the athlete you’ve been looking for. My passion for running is evident in all that I do. From directing races to coaching runners, I am always willing to share my love for running.

Shaylene Caffee

Email: shay@milestogoendurance.com

In March 2013 I stepped out on my first Couch to 5k run. I needed to exercise and lose the remaining 30 pounds of the 90 that I needed to lose to achieve a healthy BMI. I quickly fell in love and that C25k program quickly changed to a Couch to 50k program, culminating in my first trail ultra, Psycho Psummer in July 2013. I was hooked from there. Since that time I reached a healthy weight, losing a total of 93 pounds and started working with Coach Ryan as an athlete and in Sept 2014 I ran my first 100 miler. My passion for running has only grown.

My life’s goal has been to help people and through my passion for running I have found a calling as a coach. I want to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s your first 5k finish or crossing the finish of your first 100 miler. I’m committed to balancing life with training, understanding that we have to make it all work together.

I’m a mother of three, wife to my wonderful and patient husband Chris, and very active in my local running and trail running community in Kansas City.

Running trail ultras is my passion. From 50k to 100 miles, I love to run them all. What’s your passion?

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