Why Miles to Go Endurance?

Miles to Go Endurance provides personalized endurance training in an online team environment to athletes anywhere in the world.



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Our Simple Mission

We provide personalized endurance training…

Plans built around your life, goals and dreams. Maximize your training time. Dynamic training that changes based on feedback, results and performance. Unlimited coach communication 24/7 for every athlete.

…in an online team environment…

Private Team Miles to Go Endurance Facebook group. Share in our successes and support in times of trouble. A worldwide team of amazing athletes. You’ll never run alone.

…to athletes anywhere in the world.

Train and race worldwide. Training Peaks is our workout hub. YouTube for weekly training videos.  Coaches are available via Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger and email More options are being added with our revamped MTGE Network (coming soon).

Our Coaching Plan and Pricing

We believe all athletes should have the opportunity to receive the best coaching we can provide. Therefore, we provide one plan/membership. Our membership allows unlimited access to all of our services. We don’t want to spend time worrying about how many emails we sent this month or the number of text messages. We want to spend our time coaching you to your best race possible.

Miles to Go Endurance Membership

  • +Introductory phone call – Hop on the phone with a coach and learn what we can do for you.

  • Unlimited 24/7 communication – Text, email, Facebook, Skype. We’re here for you.
  • Past training review – A look at your past training and racing which gives us a place to start.
  • Personalized training plan – Built for you, around your schedule and your goals.
  • Form analysis – You record your running form and send it to us for evaluation.
  • Race planning – Pick the best races for your goals.
  • Yearly planning – Set up your year for optimal gains.
  • Premium Training Peaks account – Allows full access to your training. Access TrainingPeaks via mobile or desktop.
  • Access to private Miles to Go Endurance Facebook group – Get to know your teammates.
  • No joining fee and no contracts – You only pay for the training you use.
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How to Get Started?

We’ll follow our simple three step process to answer your questions, bring you on board, and get training! Our initial 30 minute call is NO pressure and completely 100% free.

Step 1

First, we schedule a 30 minute introductory call where we get to learn all about you. We’ll chat about your training, your goals and I’ll learn what makes you tick. At the end, I’ll explain where I think we would go with training. We’ll chat about Miles to Go Endurance, the team and how coaching works. After our call, you can decide if and when you want to enroll!


Step 2

You commit and we’ll get the ball rolling. You’ll receive an email which has your start up information. You’ll sign up for TrainingPeaks and fill out our new athlete questionnaire.  You’ll also receive your monthly invoice from PayPal. We send invoices on or around the 25th of the month and they are due by the 1st. Plain and simple.

Step 3

Last, It’s time to get started! Your coach will be in touch with information once we have inputted your preliminary schedule Generally, it takes 2-3 days to get the first few weeks of training designed and inputted into TrainingPeaks. Expect a little back and forth as we iron out the best schedule for you! You put in the work, we stay in communication via our private Facebook group, text message, email, chat, carrier pigeon. You name it. We are here for you with unlimited communication. No gimmicks, no limits and all included.

Ready to get started?

Jump on the phone with one of our coaches and let’s see what we can do for you!

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our athletes do the talking!

I never had a running coach before I hired Ryan. I wanted to run my first marathon and knew I needed more than a generic running plan to get me through some of the challenges I expected I would face during training. He got me through the stuff I expected and more importantly, the stuff I didn’t. He addressed my questions as soon as they came up, explained the benefit of each workout, and didn’t let me fall of the wagon when I had some struggles early on.
You might be wondering if a remote trainer will work for you. For me, it was great. I had to find motivation from within every day to become a marathoner. Ryan gives you the training plan to succeed, but you have to fight for your own goals and I have come out of this first marathon experience a stronger person both physically AND mentally. Thanks Ryan. 🙂
Carolyn Anderson

I was introduced to Ryan Knapp and Miles to Go Endurance this past fall from a Sports Nutritionist I had been working with to complete my second Chicago Marathon in 2013.  Besides the work I did last summer to enhance my natural diet to better perform with less GI issues, adding Ryan into the mix was another win-win in my progression as an athlete and with new goals of adding ultra marathons into my training and racing plan.  The weekly workout schedule Ryan provides is challenging but totally personal and allows for the eb and flow of my family/work/life balance.
He is readily available to listen, answer questions provide a link or video for an explanation and most importantly, although this is a virtual coaching relationship, Ryan is a caring, passionate, compassionate coach behind the technology.  I am a different athlete than I was last fall, completing workouts that I never would have scheduled myself or thought myself capable of completing, feeling challenged, stronger and empowered to reach my goals.  Thank you Coach Ryan and my fellow Miles to Go Endurance teammates, you have all made difference in my life and I look forward to many miles and journey’s ahead together!!


Vicki Brassil

Ryan, I can’t begin to thank you enough for being my coach and our journey has only just begun.  I originally hired you to just get me back on my feet, running, after being side lined with several injuries and not sure where to start again.  Now, I can say you have taken my running to places I never would have thought possible. First of many things to thank you for, is being my therapist.  I went from physical injury to metal injury and was ready to throw in the towel on running and you told me to “just.fucking.run” (Yes that is a quote!) and to remember why I love running. I did just that and made some big goals because of it.  Thank you for your encouragement and understanding. Thank you for believing in me to reach my goal of a sub-2 half marathon (which I really didn’t believe was going to happen and definitely not that day) and thank you for hill repeat days, I know they work  (I’m probably the only one to say that)! You’ve been more than just my coach these days and I can’t thank you enough.  I’m looking to 2015 with some nice goals and 2016 for even bigger goals!  I believe in you as coach because I’ve experienced it firsthand and can’t wait for our journey into ultra running. Thank you.

Amy Magee

I have had great personal running success under Ryan’s coaching.  Not only has he trained me into a 5k, 10k, and half marathon PR, but he has also worked with me in my transition to trail running from the half to full marathon distances.  While I have coached myself for over 20 years, it was Ryan who was able to see my greatest potential from an external viewpoint.  He was able to challenge me in ways I didn’t think possible and push against limitations and barriers I had unknowingly placed on myself based on subconscious fears and even ignorance.  Ryan is down-to-earth, understanding that life can sometimes take precedence, and his scheduling can accommodate any lifestyle, while still working with your ultimate goals.    Ryan is easily accessible, making himself available to answer any questions, talk about races, celebrate with you, and lift your spirits when needed. I truly appreciate the authentic encouragement and accountability that comes with having Ryan as a coach.

Rebekah Leoni

Crossing the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon to honor my dad and 6 new PR’s in 2014 can all be directly attributed to the coaching of Ryan Knapp.

His approach of training based on clear communication and expectations has allowed me to enjoy running even more. His commitment to customizing a training program based on goals and abilities make him unique. It’s an honor to call him coach and friend.

David Graves

One of my greatest dreams was to run the Badwater 135 ultramarathon in California, which is known as the world’s toughest road footrace. In May, 2012 I set out to run my first 100 mile ultramarathon in Florida and came up short after 77 miles. In June of that year I contracted with Ryan Knapp to train me for my next 100 mile race in Vermont. He started me on an immediate program that kept me accountable every day. In a few short weeks I completed my first 100 mile race in Vermont. I started an enhanced training regiment with Ryan after the Vermont race that led to a personal best 18:30 at the Keys 100 ultramarathon in 2014. This was the same race I couldn’t finish before hiring Ryan. Two months later in July, 2014 Ryan helped me complete my dream race, the Badwater 135. I finished in 31:13 with 17th place. I could not have accomplished this dream without coach Ryan’s training program.

Chris Benjamin

For more than 3 years I’ve been training with Ryan & Miles To Go Endurance. With Ryan’s coaching I’ve been able to achieve multiple personal records, age group wins, podium finishes and even some first place finishes. People often ask me why I have a coach and there are many reasons.
One reason is because I believe that working with a professional can help you achieve more than you are capable of on your own. Before I started being coached by Ryan I was struggling to meet my goals as a runner. I was a newer running (I had only been running for a little over two years at the time) I had plateaued and found myself in a rut. I had read books and magazines and discussed my training with my running friends but was struggling to make progress. Based upon my working professional knowledge, which is not related to running or anything related to physical fitness, I knew that working with a coach or mentor could be very valuable in helping you achieve your goals. Armed with this knowledge I sought out a coach and discovered Ryan. We had a chat where we reviewed my running history and goals and I decided, based upon our conversation, that I would try working with Ryan as a running coach. My first race after starting to work with Ryan was amazing. Despite having rather lofty goals, together we achieved success (honestly, I destroyed my goal) and I was sold not only on coaching, but with Ryan as my coach. Since I’ve started working with Ryan I’ve achieved every goal we’ve set together.
Another reason I continue to work with and find value in working with Ryan as a coach is the personal attention and feedback that I receive as an athlete. Throughout the training cycle my need for more or less personal attention ebbs and flows and Ryan is always there with the right amount of support. Ryan is there to help me not only set realistic goals, but also push me beyond my comfort zone when the time is right. Weather it’s from questions about a specific day training to planning a race schedule for the upcoming months to planning tactics for a race, Ryan is always there to provide his professional support and guidance.
Along with personal attention comes the fact that Ryan knows me as a person. He knows when to push me and he’s there to listen when things don’t go as planned. He understands what is happening in my life beyond training and works to fit in a training plan that helps me achieve the most with the time I have to devote to training. I value the balance Ryan offers me in my training.
I could go on and on about how great it is to be coached by Ryan but if I were to boil it down to a few key items it would be this: trust, communication, honesty, motivation, balance and results. I value those characteristics in a coach/athlete relationship and Ryan definitely delivers on those key items.
Chris Harris

I decided to work with Ryan at MTGE after working with another well-respected ultra runner/coach.  Having worked with another coach that just wasn’t the right fit for me, it was a great switch to Ryan.

I was training for my 2nd 100 miler, but needed to up my game so that I felt ready to use this race as a qualifier for WS; Ryan/MTGE delivered!

The training software was easy to use and sync to my ipad/iphone so I had access all the time. The training plan was perfectly suited to my schedule (Ryan was great about being accessible for last minute schedule changes), my ability, my goal and I felt like the quality of the workouts were exactly what I needed to achieve my goal.

Ryan listened well and planned my weekly workouts based on activities I liked; even though there were some workouts I didn’t like that he scheduled me for and I suffered through them because I knew they were good for me!

Coaches aren’t miracle workers, but knowing that Ryan was there added another tool that provided just enough of an extra nudge to make me push myself out of my comfort zone.

If I weren’t racing all the time and had the $ to work with him year-round, I definitely would. I also wouldn’t hesitate to prioritize $ so that for my next big run, I’ll be signing up to work with him again!


Annette Florczak

As I began what I call my “crazy running journey” not so long ago, I realized I have the guts to get to the starting line, but I certainly didn’t have the knowledge and experience to get me to the finish line in one piece. I started training with Ryan after successfully completing my first 50K race, in October 2014, which I entered on a whim. I wanted to know how to run ultra marathons “correctly” and Ryan was suggested as the best Coach for helping me learn the sport of ultra running. What I didn’t know and have come to learn and appreciate is Ryan Strives to bring out the best in his clients by achieving overall fitness. What I knew and Ryan didn’t was that he was going to have his handful with me as I am a bit hardheaded and “untrainable” at times. I have learned when my way doesn’t work let’s try Coaches way. I found out Coaches way actually works.  Ryan has guided me towards a path of success by sharing his knowledge and experience all while being patient, but firm, realistic, and tough at times.

One of the things I have really enjoyed about working with Ryan is the variety of speed workouts that he includes. Speedwork is something I really enjoy, and Ryan knows that

After six months of training with Ryan I had over a hour PR on my marathon time, and I wasn’t even doing marathon training. I was running marathons to train for a 100 miler. I have been all over the board with the distances I want to do, and Ryan has let me try them all. Finally I realized what Ryan had been trying to tell me all along which was I was a short distance runner due to my speed. I am a front of the pack runner in short distances (5K to half marathon).  I will still do my crazy ultras from time to time for fun and Ryan will adapt my training program, so that I am ready and don’t get injured.

If you are serious about improving your endurance, your speed or a need for a better training regimen that keeps you motivated, then you need Coach Ryan.
Results – that is the Bottom Line!

Chandy Thomas Davidson

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my workouts?

Your workouts will be served to you either via Training Peaks (Coach Ryan, Coach Glenn) or Final Surge (Coach Shay). Both platforms are calendar based platforms where you will find your workouts. Your workout includes distance/time, instructions and the functionality to upload your GPS file. In TP or FS, you will also leave your coach the all-important “Post Activity Comment” where you tell us about your workouts. Your coach also have the ability to comment back to you to create conversations around specific workouts which are easily referenced in the future.

What’s included in my schedule?

Your schedule can/will include the following types of workouts.
  1. Running
  2. Strength
  3. Yoga/Flexibility/Mobility
  4. Cross Training (Swim, Bike, Elliptical, etc)
  5. Physical Therapy/Doctor preserved work. If you have PT workouts prescribed, send them to us and the frequency and we can input them into your schedule as a “gentle” reminder. 🙂
All workouts include detailed instructions. For the most simple workouts, detailed instructions may be “Run :45-:60 minutes” For more detailed workouts, you will receive warm up, main set instructions and cool down distance/duration.

How do I communicate with my coach?

We communicate through various platforms. Traditional email, Facebook Message, Text Message and Skype/Google Hangouts.

Do I have to sign any contracts? How does billing work?

There are no sign up fees or contracts to sign. We believe if you are not enjoying training, why be stuck in a contract. If you wish to cancel or take a break, simply talk to your coach to arrange it.  We send out invoices via PayPal on or around the 25th of the month. Those invoices are due by the 1st.  Example: Invoice goes out April 25, payment is due May 1.

How often do I communicate with my coach?

This is a great question, and is wholly dependent on the athlete. Some of our athletes communicate daily with their coaches, whereas other athletes simply need a quick follow up email at the end of a week or month to keep on track. Each athlete will be able to communicate with their coach as often as necessary due to our unlimited coaching plans.
When an athlete contacts us, we try our hardest to get back to them within 24 hours. Sometimes, travel and training loads make it a bit longer. If there is ever an emergency, the best bet is to text or call your coach right away.

Do you help plan for races and provide race strategy?

Of course! This is all included in your membership. We’ll make sure you are prepped and ready for each and every race.

Ready to get started?

Jump on the phone with one of our coaches and let’s see what we can do for you!

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