Our success comes from our athletes. We know that our biggest accomplishments come from those who are dedicated to training and put all of the individual attention into practice. Below are a few examples of the many epic stories our team has to tell.

Crossing the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon to honor my dad and 6 new PR’s in 2014 can all be directly attributed to the coaching of Ryan Knapp. His approach of training based on clear communication and expectations has allowed me to enjoy running even more. His commitment to customizing a training program based on goals and abilities make him unique. It’s an honor to call him coach and friend.

David Graves

Alabama, Marathoner - Finished Marine Corps Marathon - First Marathon

I never had a running coach before I hired Ryan. I wanted to run my first marathon and knew I needed more than a generic running plan to get me through some of the challenges I expected I would face during training. He got me through the stuff I expected and more importantly, the stuff I didn’t. He addressed my questions as soon as they came up, explained the benefit of each workout, and didn’t let me fall of the wagon when I had some struggles early on.
You might be wondering if a remote trainer will work for you. For me, it was great. I had to find motivation from within every day to become a marathoner. Ryan gives you the training plan to succeed, but you have to fight for your own goals and I have come out of this first marathon experience a stronger person both physically AND mentally. Thanks Ryan. 🙂
Carolyn Anderson

Kansas City, Finisher, Twin Cities Marathon 2014 - First Marathon

I have had great personal running success under Ryan’s coaching.  Not only has he trained me into a 5k, 10k, and half marathon PR, but he has also worked with me in my transition to trail running from the half to full marathon distances.  While I have coached myself for over 20 years, it was Ryan who was able to see my greatest potential from an external viewpoint.  He was able to challenge me in ways I didn’t think possible and push against limitations and barriers I had unknowingly placed on myself based on subconscious fears and even ignorance.  Ryan is down-to-earth, understanding that life can sometimes take precedence, and his scheduling can accommodate any lifestyle, while still working with your ultimate goals.    Ryan is easily accessible, making himself available to answer any questions, talk about races, celebrate with you, and lift your spirits when needed. I truly appreciate the authentic encouragement and accountability that comes with having Ryan as a coach.

Rebekah Leoni

Australia, Marathoner/Ultramarathoner

One of my greatest dreams was to run the Badwater 135 ultramarathon in California, which is known as the world’s toughest road footrace. In May, 2012 I set out to run my first 100 mile ultramarathon in Florida and came up short after 77 miles. In June of that year I contracted with Ryan Knapp to train me for my next 100 mile race in Vermont. He started me on an immediate program that kept me accountable every day. In a few short weeks I completed my first 100 mile race in Vermont. I started an enhanced training regiment with Ryan after the Vermont race that led to a personal best 18:30 at the Keys 100 ultramarathon in 2014. This was the same race I couldn’t finish before hiring Ryan. Two months later in July, 2014 Ryan helped me complete my dream race, the Badwater 135. I finished in 31:13 with 17th place. I could not have accomplished this dream without coach Ryan’s training program.

Chris Benjamin

Kansas City, 2014 Badwater 135 Finisher, Personal Best 18:30 for 100 miles

I was introduced to Ryan Knapp and Miles to Go Endurance this past fall from a Sports Nutritionist I had been working with to complete my second Chicago Marathon in 2013.  Besides the work I did last summer to enhance my natural diet to better perform with less GI issues, adding Ryan into the mix was another win-win in my progression as an athlete and with new goals of adding ultra marathons into my training and racing plan.  The weekly workout schedule Ryan provides is challenging but totally personal and allows for the eb and flow of my family/work/life balance.
He is readily available to listen, answer questions provide a link or video for an explanation and most importantly, although this is a virtual coaching relationship, Ryan is a caring, passionate, compassionate coach behind the technology.  I am a different athlete than I was last fall, completing workouts that I never would have scheduled myself or thought myself capable of completing, feeling challenged, stronger and empowered to reach my goals.  Thank you Coach Ryan and my fellow Miles to Go Endurance teammates, you have all made difference in my life and I look forward to many miles and journey’s ahead together!!


Vicki Brassil

Chicago, Marathoner/Ultramarathoner - Finished first 50k/50 mile in 2014

Now that it has been a month since completing my first 100-mile ultra trail race, I wanted to follow-up with you not only to thank you for your vital help and support, but also to provide you with some feedback on my experience working with you and Miles To Go Endurance.

From the outset, Ryan went out of his way to tailor my training and over-all program to not only my prior experience in running/trail running, but also to my age, to the time I had available to train, and to my overall goals.

Ryan was always supportive and willing to help adjust my program based on other races I had in mind, as well as vacations and times when ‘life’ got in the way! Effective tools that Ryan used included regular e-mail contact, short video e-mails, and many offers to touch base via telephone.

Now that I have a bit of the ultra-bug, I’m hoping to be able to reconnect to get more advice/support/training tools for this race again next year!

Thanks very much once again for your valuable help and support Ryan, and hopefully someday we’ll be able to meet face-to-face on the trails!

John M Campbell

Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Finished Sulpher Springs 100 mile

I can’t put a price tag on what Coach Ryan and MTGE has done for me. My training with him has not only strengthened me physically but has been integral to my development into a stronger athlete. I am more confident and relaxed with my training and have learned the value of rest and recovery. I had only been running for 6 months when I was introduced to Ryan in August 2013. I was pushing hard, overtraining, determined to barrel my way through race after race, pushing the distance. He accepted and supported my lofty goals from the start and has been helping me to work toward them with a balanced approach. Without his direction; and his aggressive yet focused training, I would not be able to balance my life and my goals. I am a busy woman, working, going to school and being a mom. Together we make my schedule work and it fits into my life. I give him dedication and he channels it to success and beyond. He is an incredible coach and a genuine person.

Shay Caffey

Kansas City, Ultramarathoner - Female Overall Winner - 2014 Free State 40 miler, Hawk 100 finisher

I made it half a block, determined to finally run pain free, when I had to turn around and hobble home. As much as I hoped the months spent not running due to knee pain could magically make the pain go away, I had a long road ahead.

What a rewarding and healthy road it has been. Discouraged but determined, I walked in the door and got on the computer. Somehow, I clicked on Coach Ryan. A tweet to him began the journey. He immediately offered some things to think about and we were off and running. Well, that’s not entirely true. We were off and doing 100-Ups…and hips and glutes and abs and form. Coach Ryan needed to build me entirely back up and he did.

How did he do it and get me running pain free? He gave me workouts and I did them. He tackled my form. He built my strength. He watched me run, analyzed every movement and made improvements. But the best part is, he did it without me ever feeling like we were climbing a mountain. We just did it. And it’s been so beneficial in so many ways.

Now, I am able to enjoy the run and there’s so much more than running pain free that I’ve gained from our training.

This year has been incredible. I am the new sideline reporter feature in the anniversary edition of the NFL football video game, Madden NFL 25. As my priorities shifted to game mode, Coach Ryan kept me on track with our training. I appreciate how he took the lead and continued the progress we made so I could give all of my energy to the game. I told Coach Ryan my goals and he helped me to be my best – in great physical shape, healthy and strong.

His coaching has helped me both personally and professionally and there’s still so much I look forward to working on together. Without Coach Ryan, I’m positive I’d still be hobbling home. Now, I’m on my way to 26.2.

Dani Bellini

Florida, Finisher, 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon, Sideline Reporter, Madden NFL 25

Ryan, I can’t begin to thank you enough for being my coach and our journey has only just begun.  I originally hired you to just get me back on my feet, running, after being side lined with several injuries and not sure where to start again.  Now, I can say you have taken my running to places I never would have thought possible. First of many things to thank you for, is being my therapist.  I went from physical injury to metal injury and was ready to throw in the towel on running and you told me to “just.fucking.run” (Yes that is a quote!) and to remember why I love running. I did just that and made some big goals because of it.  Thank you for your encouragement and understanding. Thank you for believing in me to reach my goal of a sub-2 half marathon (which I really didn’t believe was going to happen and definitely not that day) and thank you for hill repeat days, I know they work  (I’m probably the only one to say that)! You’ve been more than just my coach these days and I can’t thank you enough.  I’m looking to 2015 with some nice goals and 2016 for even bigger goals!  I believe in you as coach because I’ve experienced it firsthand and can’t wait for our journey into ultra running. Thank you.

Amy Magee

Arizona, Marathoner, Sub-2:00 Half-Marathoner


I’ve only been working with Ryan since June but I’ve already seen huge improvements and broken through barriers I never thought were possible. My workouts are so much more dynamic. I started doing speed work and running paces I’ve never seen myself run before. Ryan also had me doing yoga, strength, and stability workouts. I ran my 9th marathon, CIM in December 2014 and set a PR of 3:35:03. I was so thrilled! I am now training for the Eugene Marathon in May. This time around, Ryan has me doing even more hills, speed work, and tempo runs. It has been fantastic to push myself even more and see myself get stronger. I also run easy and have rest days to ensure recovery. I’d like to say thank you to Ryan for the awesome coaching and I can’t wait to see where training takes me in the future!


Leah Balentine

Hawaii, Marathoner, 3:35 @ 2014 CIM Marathon

When I first contacted Ryan and told him I wanted to complete a 50 mile run at 10,000-12,000 ft elevation for my 50th birthday the phone went quite for a minute. After six months of teaching me Heart-Rate Based Training I learned to moderate my effort for better overall performance and finished the Silver Rush 50 well under cut-off time and my goal. Over the next year I completed 3 more 40 plus mile events including a PR for the Silver Rush 50 and a double crossing of the Grand Canyon. Ryan’s training not only prepared me to complete these events on my feet but kept me injury free even though I am now qualified for an AARP card.

Gary Prochelo

Kansas City, Multiple Leadville Silver Rush 50 and Rim-to-rim-to-rim finisher

I started working with coach Ryan a little over a year ago. I appreciate his coaching style and his holistic approach to running. He’s guided me through a grueling race schedule over the last year that has included 2 100-milers, a 100k, a 50 miler, 2 50k’s, and the Boston Marathon – a race in which I achieved a PR. His training program kept me strong, balanced, and injury-free. I value him both as a coach and a friend, and I look forward to many more adventures together in the future!

Chris Oles

Texas, Multiple 100 mile finisher and loads of ultramarathons

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