Trail/Ultrarunning Trip to Chamonix, France: June 2014!

Imagine, arriving in Chamonix, France and having the chance to explore and run on some of the most beautiful single track trail in the world. After running, you would see the sights, take in local cuisine, wine and meet friends to last a lifetime. We would train for a week, and cap the runs off with the Mont Blanc 80k, an incredible mountain race like no other, with more than 15,000ft of vertical gain and loss and views to die for.

Well, we are making it happen!

Along with Michael Green, the president of ProActive Travel, we are arranging just such a trip to Chamonix, France to take part in the Mont Blanc 80km. This is a first for both myself and ProActive Travel and we are excited as to what the future holds!

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Trip Particulars

We are currently arranging the trip particulars, however the basic premise is to arrive in Geneva, Switzerland, set up camp at our home base in Chamonix, France and explore and run for a week before taking part in the Mont Blanc 80km, June 27, and then depart for home the following day.

The run follows part of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) course and the views are absolutely stunning. I can’t put them into words.

ProActive Travel has offices in Chamonix and has organized many ski trips to Chamonix. They know the area well and have everything in place to make it an incredible adventure.

For anyone that goes on the trip, I will coach you online, one-on-one for the race (a $125/month value).

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