Stacy is one of the newest athletes to the Miles to Go team. Back in July, I met Stacy while running and training with Chris at an ultra-running camp the Grand Tetons.

After camp, Stacy and I stayed in touch and now she is smack in the middle of training for her first 100 miler in October.

When not out running, Stacy is better known as Tech. Sgt. Stacy Trosine, 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron equipment accountability element NCO in charge. She is currently stationed at Fairchild Air Force base.

Last week, her running and charity work was featured in a news story on the base.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

Trosine, 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron equipment accountability element NCO in charge, started running in several marathons since 2009 and later decided to run to help people in need. Recently, she contacted the Wounded Warrior Program, a charity close to her heart, and asked if she can help by running marathons and raising awareness.

“I didn’t want to just run a race for myself; so after a couple phone calls with the WWP and two applications later, they selected me as a Community Athlete,” said Trosine. “From now on, whenever I’m in a race, I will be wearing a WWP shirt and act as an ambassador for them by answering questions and representing them in a professional manner.”

According to Trosine, running such a long distance and not trying to raise awareness for a charity seems selfish. She wanted to dedicate her first 100 miler to a charity that means a lot to her.

Every person has their own reasons why they do what they do and as per Trosine, what influenced her to start running was because of a marathon runner she met when she was deployed in 2008.

“Her stories about training for such a long distance just seemed crazy to me, but I was very intrigued,” she said. “I started running with her and by the time I left, I ran in my first race, the Army 10-miler at Bagram, Afghanistan.”

Take a look at the rest of the article and congrats to Stacy as she raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause near and dear to her heart.

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