Ever since I’ve been running, I have used TrainingPeaks. I simply do not know how I would coach and run without it! A few months ago, I was running with Jeremy, their CMO and had a chance to propose doing some ultramarathon webinars! We worked out some details and last week, I had the privilege to present the first ultrarunning webinar for TrainingPeaks!

Entitled Going Ultra: Transitioning from 26.2 to Beyond, I covered how to plan for your first ultramarathon in detail. The webinar is highly actionable, meaning you can watch it and immediately gain valuable information to put into use straight away.

Below is the archived video of the webinar. Also, the .pdf of the slides are available to download as well!

Below is the link to download the .pdf of the slides. I hope you find them useful!

Click here to download the slides!

I would love to hear feedback and comments! Thanks so much to TrainingPeaks for the opportunity and I look forward to presenting another webinar soon!

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