We at Miles to Go endurance are SUPER pumped about our official coaching partnership with Eric Steele and Epic Ultras. There will be plenty more to come in the future. Below is the “formal” article announcing the partnership.

In simple terms. Eric is a fantastic, high energy guy. I am extremely proud to be working with him and the potential to work with so many athletes who race Epic Ultra events.

This is a really big win for both of us!

They truly have some epic events, ranging from 12k to 1oo mile races Prairie Spirit 100 and Honey Badger 100 (which is the best name for a race ever).

Epic Ultra Events – Click here


We at Miles to Go Endurance are  proud to announce an official coaching partnership with Epic Ultras. MTGE will become the official coaching provider for all of Epic Ultras’ races, including the popular FlatRock 101k, Prairie Spirit 100, and Honey Badger 100. MTGE athletes are encouraged to race and volunteer at any of the Epic Ultra events. MTGE coaches will be on hand at each of the races on the Epic Ultra calendar.

I am very excited to partner with Epic Ultras and to add an outstanding list of races to our athletes’ calendars,” Miles to Go Endurance Founder Ryan Knapp said.

“This partnership is simple in our eyes. Epic Ultras puts on epic events. Our job is to prepare each athlete to the best of their ability. We want every athlete who toes the line to feel ready to tackle some of the toughest Ultra Marathons the midwest has to offer.”

The primary mission of Epic Ultras is to organize, manage, facilitate, and deliver the highest quality ultra running events in the world. Our vision is to create an environment that strongly encourages runners of all ability levels to discover, nurture, and maintain their own personal greatness and “Be Epic.” Epic Ultras was founded by Eric Steele, an 18-year veteran of ultra marathons.

“Many of our athletes have previously participated in Eric’s races and provided nothing but rave reviews. Epic Ultra events provide our athletes challenging courses to showcase their months of training and hard work. It’s obvious that Eric and Epic Ultras care about every athlete at an Epic Ultra event. As a coach, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

For more information about Miles to Go Endurance, visit www.milestogoendurance.com and for more information and to sign up for Epic Ultras, visit www.epicultras.com

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