Wow, what an absolutely crazy weekend with the Miles to Go Endurance team! We had such a busy race weekend, with several A races finally coming to fruition.

Chris Benjamin ran the Heartland 100 miler in 19:42, smashing almost two hours off of last year’s previous time of 21:35. His 19:42 was good enough for 9th place overall. I had the pleasure of heading to Kansas to pace him and it was a fantastic day. Great weather and he executed the plan to perfection. His next race is Ozark 100 coming up in a few weeks and then putting in for a Badwater entry in 2014!


Stacy Trosine tackled Le Grizz 50 miler in 9:22:10, finishing 6th overall female and 3rd in her AG! This was a stressful race as the original Le Grizz course was part of the government shutdown. The race organizers scrambled and a new 50 mile course was put together. Stacy had a great race, fighting through some knee issues and finishing super strong. She’s eying the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler this year before deploying as a current member of the Air Force.


Jenna Bromberg notched her first marathon finish at the Chicago Marathon in 4:42. The race started off awesome for her, but cramping caught up to her toward the end of the race and she dealt with it until the finish. She has come a long way since we started training almost one and a half years ago, and I know that she is looking for another marathon already. // read Jenna’s race report //


Sarah Khzeri also finished her first marathon at Chicago. As she put it best “I’m a marathoner! On my journey to become one I face planted on a metal bridge, put up with leg cramps for the last 15mi, and stood in line for 10 min to use a porta potty mid race. I REALLY earned this medal.” Yes you did, Sarah. She has Tulsa 1/2 marathon coming up in a few weeks!


Melissa Jaffe also finished Chicago in 3:53:02, coming off almost two months dealing with a leg injury. She had no pain during the race and we are already looking for a race in the winter or spring to go after her BQ. She is racing the Kansas City Half-Marathon this weekend and then will shift into marathon training for a BQ attempt coming shortly.

Coach Glenn’s Athletes

Kathy Fowler and Cheryl Kent finished their 11th and 10th half-marathons in 2013! Both ladies finished the Prairie Fire Half-Marathon. Fantastic job on both reaching double digit 13.1’s in 2013!


Terri Arden placed 3rd in her Age Group at her Olympic Triathlon! She earned both shiny bling and a new PR! Congrats Terri!


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