While Oakley has branched out into new territories over the last few years, they are still most well known for their trademark sunglasses. Oakley’s were the pinnacle of sunglasses growing up, so much so that my grandmother bought a pair of fokleys (fake+oakleys) and painted Oakley on them as a gift to my cousin Chris (true story).

Sunglasses can get expensive and if you are like me, you tend to lose a pair or two a year. When I was home in Buffalo, NY a few weeks ago, I headed to the Oakley Outlet store and bought a pair of the old-school Oakley Straight Jackets.

Oakley made STRAIGHT JACKET sunglasses for those who understand that style is something you define yourself — it’s not the world’s idea of how you should look. If you need the world’s opinion, STRAIGHT JACKET isn’t meant for you. The first design was created more than a decade ago, and it blended the art of Oakley with the science of precision optics. This latest edition combines aggressive styling with the best technologies ever to dominate light rays. (click: From Oakley’s site)

The Oakley Straight Jackets do not disappoint if you want a simple yet tough pair of sunglasses to get you through your training and race day PR’s. Some may opt to go to the top of the line but for us, these fit the bill perfect with a reasonable price tag ($130 on Amazon.com: affilate link).

I have a normal size face and these fit nice and snug. I like a larger lens in my sunglasses, especially when out on the trails, and the Straight Jacket are perfect. They are fairly lightweight and after running a few hours with them on, I forget they are even there.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with the Positive Red Iridium lenses.


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